Down the Rabbit Hole with Prof Whiskey

Yeah, the show was as cool as the title sounds! Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar is a burlesque troupe based out of Jacksonville, Florida. When I heard they were performing an Alice in Wonderland themed show at Underbelly, I knew I had to go.

First thing to do was to contact the group and request permission to bring my camera. The group takes an active roll in managing their image. One way they do this is by limiting who can bring pro-grade cameras to their shows. Even with a cast of beautiful people, it is still possible to catch them in an unflattering angle during a show. So it is important when editing your photos to select only the best photos. This makes both you and your subject look good. The show opened with a fun hula-hoop number performed by “Alice”.

The show transitioned to a sexy number as “The White Rabbit” made her way to center stage.

The group did a great job of incorporating a belly dance number showcasing the transition of The Caterpillar to a butterfly.

The Mad Hatter held quite the tea party! She brought an audience member to the stage to partake. I’ve never seen tea brewed this way and commend her for coming up with this idea.

What Alice In Wonderland themed show would be complete without the Queen of Hearts playing croquet with her flamingo?

Another group joined Professor Whiskey’s troupe to perform the parts of the Cards. They also did some phenomenal fire spinning during the show. Images from their set will be in another blog post.

All-in-all, it was a great night and I'm happy I had the chance to photograph such a great performance.

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