Philadelphia Union vs UNF Ospreys

The Major League Soccer team, the Philadelphia Union, practices during the late winter/early spring in central Florida. I was lucky enough to find out about this when the photo editor for the UNF Spinnaker contacted me and asked if I would go down and shoot an exhibition match between the Union and the UNF Ospreys. The weather started out pretty crappy. It was drizzling off and on, cloudy, windy, and (by Florida standards) cold. Fortunately, just before game time, the rain stopped and the clouds began to part just as the sun was setting. This made for some gorgeous shots. Like this one:

For both the Union and the Ospreys, it was a really physical game.

For some quick tips for shooting soccer in crappy weather conditions:

+ A camera that allows a high ISO is important if you're shooting at night. I shot these at 4,000 and aperture 2.8 with a 200mm lens.

+ Keep something in your camera bag to protect your camera from the elements. I have some inexpensive camera covers that just slip over the camera and lens.

+ Water proof shoes/boots are also nice. It sucks having to run around for over an hour with cold, wet feet.